Thank you to our presenters and everyone who was able to attend our 4th Annual FWCBD Security Summit at Hotel Zoe. Commander David Lazar, Captain Paul Yep, Sergeant Jason Garden, Assistant District Attorneys Charlie Bisesto & Shirin Oloumi, Randy Quezada, FWCBD Executive Director Troy Campbell, Operations Manager Mike Castro, and Program Manager Laura Schaefer, gave informative presentations.

Below is the link to the following documents:

  • The neighborhood information documents (Rules and Regulations, Street Performers, Street Artist, FWCBD, Ambassador, and FISHnet information).

  • The Nuisance Form from the District Attorney's Office

  • The 2018-2019 Essential Contact Numbers and Homeless Outreach Information


If you have any questions about the FWCBD Security Summits, please email Director of Services, Laura Schaefer, at