Who to Call When: The most effective contact numbers for reporting a crime and connecting to resources.

Identifying our Top 3 District Offenders (revised for 2018)

Trending Street Population of the Week

Emergency Communication Tools: FISHnet radio and use of the FOREalert app. 

How you can Help: Identifying district offenders or trending members of the street population, providing incident reports, and posting information on Townsquared are actions that you can take to keep the Wharf safe. These actions can also help build the case for a district stay-away order when required. 

Who to Call When

In an Emergency
If someone is in immediate danger, is a danger to others, or if there is a crime in progress always call 9-1-1 OR the SF emergency dispatch desk at 415-553-8090. When calling 911 on a cellular phone, the call is connected to The California Highway Patrol (CHP) dispatch center in Vallejo before being directed to San Francisco. This is why you are put on hold and have to wait while calling 9-1-1. Program this number directly into your cell phone for a faster emergency response - 415-553-8090.

SFPD Non-Emergency Line 415-553-0123
For situations that do not require an immediate police response, but when you still want to make a report. By calling the non-emergency line, you are creating a record of the incident. This process is especially helpful when tracking problematic individuals, and for building criminal cases and stay-away orders. 

FWCBD Ambassador Cell Phone 415-726-3088
In a non-emergency situation, or when dealing with members of the street population (including homeless people) the Ambassadors are the best resource to call or text. Working daily with members of the street population, the Ambassadors work to provide resources and care. They also collaborate with our beat officers in more pressing situations. After arriving on the scene if the Ambassadors are unable to assist, they will contact SFPD.

Connecting with Hired 10b or Security Officers During Peak Times of the Year
During peak times of the year, the FWCBD hires 10b officers or private security officers to keep the district safe. Typical scheduling requests include high traffic holidays and spring breaks. To reach the 10b officers or security officers please call the Ambassadors. 

Identifying our Top 3 District Offenders

All of the information about our Top 3 District Offenders  can be found on Townsquared. 
Working with the SFPD, the FWCBD's ongoing Top 3 Offender initiative continues to be a priority. With the support of Assistant District Attorney Charlie Bisesto we have successfully enacted a district-wide stay away order for repeat offender and amateur crew 3 Card Monte organizer Kameron Lilligren, and we have smaller geographic stay-away orders for multiple individuals including Krista Carr, William Creed, and Jamie Zito. 

Townsquared is an essential communications tool for the FWCBD and a great way to connect online with the business community. Townsquared is an online community (password protected) where the FWCBD publishes helpful information and crime and security updates. Through this site, we can also send urgent alert text (SMS) messages. Currently, we are trying to get everyone in our community to sign up for the site. 
Please contact laura@visitfishermanswharf.com for the Townsquared invite code. 

Trending Street Population of the Week

Every week, FWCBD Operations Manager Mike Castro posts the most notable member(s) of the street population on Townsquared. Please familiarize yourself and your employees with this list, and call the Ambassadors if you have an issue with any of these individuals. 

Emergency Communication Tools

Below is a reminder about the FWCBD's FISHnet radio activation, and the use of the FOREalert app. 

FISHnet Radio Activation

FISHnet radio is the FWCBD's emergency communications system. The system is programmed on two-way portable radios that are located in businesses and organizations throughout Fisherman's Wharf. FISHnet will be activated by a Townsquared Urgent Alert Message via email and SMS.

In the event of an area-wide emergency, FISHnet will play a critical role in strategic communication among the many hotels, restaurants, and shopping centers that make up the Fisherman’s Wharf area. Currently, 16 businesses are active in the weekly roll call.

If you do not have Townsquared installed on your phone, or would like other staff members to download it, please see the activation instructions above. 

FOREalert App for iPhone or Android
FOREalert is the app that the Ambassadors, and other district security administrators use to communicate incidents in real time with photos. All FWCBD constituents are encouraged to download this FREE app.

The FOREAlert app is FREE to download from the App Store for IOS and for Android users.

The FOREAlert app Features:
-       Precise Geo-Fencing Technology
-       Emergency Alert Notifications
-       2-Way Multi-Media Messaging
-       Real-time Communications
-       Complete User Anonymity

How you can Help

Identifying District Offenders/Trending Members of the Street Population
Have you seen one of the district offenders or trending members of the street population acting out? Is their behavior disruptive (but perhaps not yet criminal)? Call or text the Ambassadors. They will help the individual, and in instances where more assistance is required, will call SFPD or the appropriate city agency. 

Providing Incident Reports
An incident report is an account of an incident that occurred. By gathering testimonies and recording how an individual's negative or criminal behavior has adversely impacted the Wharf, we can work with the Assistant District Attorney to procure a stay-away order.

Posting on Townsquared & Urgent Alert Messages
Perhaps you will have seen posts from the community about specific people or incidents that have occurred at the Wharf. By posting about your experiences along with any security camera images, you can help warn members of the community. For example, If you have already called 9-1-1 and you know that a thief has taken off eastward along Jefferson Street, an Urgent Alert SMS via Townsquared is an excellent tool to use. Remember, this is not a tool to contact the authorities or the Ambassadors, it is a way to share information with your fellow merchants and neighbors. To avoid any legal liability, do no profile anyone on Townsquared. Constituents should provide a factual report of incidents that have occurred. 

Questions? Please contact Program Manager, Laura Schaefer, at laura@visitfishermanswharf.com or Operations Manager, Mike Castro, mcastro@blockbyblock.com

The Fisherman’s Wharf Ambassador Program is available seven days a week, 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. and can be reached by phone or text at 415-726-3088.