The Fisherman’s Wharf Community Benefit District (FWCBD) is embarking on its renewal process starting now through 2019. Since 2005, the FWCBD has been stewards of our 30-square block district and has implemented vital marketing, events, advocacy, security, and safety programs to the district. We look for your support and hope that you will chose to renew and expand your commitment to the FWCBD.  


The FWCBD renewal survey has been released and sent to all businesses and stakeholders. If you are a property owner (or represent a property owner) in the Land Side CBD or if you are a business owner (or represent a business owner) in the Port Side CBD and have not yet taken the six-question survey, please follow the link below.  You only need to complete one survey per business (Port Side) or property (Land Side).  


The Land Side portion of the FWCBD was founded by the business and property owners of this San Francisco neighborhood in November 2005. In December 2006, the FWCBD formed the Port Side business-based community benefit district, which incorporates businesses with leases from the Port of San Francisco. 

The mission of the FWCBD is to preserve and enhance its vast San Francisco waterfront landscape and multi-cultural heritage, while integrating modern efficiencies to enrich the experience of visitors from both near and far through:

  • Market Research
  • Brand and Destination Marketing
  • Sidewalk Operations, Beautification, and Order
  • Traffic and Urban Planning
  •  Emergency Preparedness

The district is funded through an annual property assessment on the Land Side and a gross sales assessment on the Port Side. The FWCBD is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, which allows it to apply for federal, state, and locally-funded grants, as well as to seek out sponsorships from companies with a philanthropic division.  

Given its broad representation and focused activities, the FWCBD has served as a catalyst for the unification of Fisherman’s Wharf constituents and has successfully supported a number of positive changes in this historic San Francisco neighborhood.  

The FWCBD has an administrative staff of three that includes Troy Campbell (Executive Director), Laura Schaefer (Program Manager), and Rachel Brown (Marketing & Communications Director). The FWCBD also contracts with Block by Block for four full-time ambassadors who provide hospitality, safety, and cleaning services throughout the district. The FWCBD is governed by a 23-member board of directors who set the strategic plans and goals for the organization. Visit our "Board & Staff" page to learn more about the people who work for and on behalf of the FWCBD.  


We envision San Francisco’s Fisherman’s Wharf to be a world-class destination that celebrates its unique history and historical importance in the fishing industry while offering an unparalleled retail, dining, and entertainment experience that showcases the natural beauty of the waterfront.

Walking along the waterfront, visitors will continue to enjoy breathtaking views of the Bay and beyond; they will be inspired by vibrant open spaces filled with live music and entertainment while savoring the tastes and smells of the Wharf—from fresh Dungeness crab and fish in season, to fragrant sourdough bread. Nightlife and year-round events along with perfectly curated retail offerings, including a burgeoning arts district and world-class attractions, will ensure that a vibrant pulse is maintained throughout the district. The ideal balance of dining, shopping, fun and entertainment will make the Wharf a memorable place for all to enjoy.

In summary, Fisherman’s Wharf will be a vibrant place where locals and visitors from around the world will be equally excited to eat, shop, and play from early morning until late into the night. 




Public Realm 


One of the founding principles of the FWCBD was to help improve the public realm, branding, and aesthetics for the district.  Since 2006 the FWCBD has worked towards the long-term vibrancy of our district by assisting, planning and advocating for thoughtful public realm improvements. The biggest accomplishment has been the completion of Phase I of the Jefferson Street Improvement plan.

Projects of note include: 

  • Completion of Jefferson Street Improvement Plan, Phase 1
  • Planning and Securing funding for Jefferson Street Improvement Plan, Phase II
  • Conrad Park Revitalization
  • District Directional Signage 
  • Fisherman's Wharf Welcome Signage

Economic Vitality