Kirkland Bus Division in Fisherman’s Wharf Gets Beautified With Muni History


By Laura Schaefer, with content from Erica Kato, SFMTA's Moving SF blog.

The SFMTA, working in partnership with the Fisherman's Wharf Community Benefit District, recently added banners along the fence around the MTA's Kirkland Bus Yard to beautify the area. The MTA's Erica Kato explains, "Muni’s Kirkland bus division has a storied history with the Fisherman’s Wharf district. Located near Pier 39, Kirkland is one of San Francisco’s smallest and oldest bus yards — but also one of the most visible." 

This project was funded by the FWCBD as a way to beautify the area around the bus yard with an attractive design that educates visitors and the community about Muni’s past and its place in Fisherman's Wharf. To see the images in order, follow the timeline along the block of Powell Street from Beach to North Point Street. Photos and a video of the new banners are posted on the SFMTA's Moving blog here, and for additional photos, please visit the  SFMTA Photo Archive

Fisherman’s Wharf receives nearly 12 million visitors per year and is home to more than 180 active fishing vessels and 22 seafood distribution companies ― the largest concentration on the West Coast. To reach Fisherman's Wharf, take one of the historic Muni streetcars (on the E Embarcadero or F Market & Wharves lines) or one of the cable car lines that run from Powell and Market streets to either Bay and Taylor streets or Hyde and Beach streets.