The FWCBD wins a Neighborhood Justice Grant from DA George Gascón for the PARK SMART! Campaign.

The FWCBD wins a Neighborhood Justice Grant from DA George Gascón for the PARK SMART! campaign.

In the City of San Francisco auto break-ins continue to be a problem for both locals and visitors alike. Fisherman’s Wharf attracts over ten million visitors annually, with many people driving to the Wharf. It takes only a matter of seconds for a thief to break a window and quickly snatch bags containing passports, cash, cameras and electronics. The SFPD works hard to catch these criminals while also encouraging individuals to be proactive against auto break-ins. Education and situational awareness are proving to be a highly effective tools in the fight against auto break-ins.
The FWCBD was recently awarded a $3,000 Neighborhood Justice Grant from District Attorney George Gascón to help promote the PARK SMART! message. This year the San Francisco District Attorney’s Office is supporting public safety projects with an emphasis on auto-burglary, human trafficking, and public events that bring community. “The Neighborhood Justice Fund grant program brings the restorative justice model of the Neighborhood Courts program full circle,” said District Attorney George Gascón. “The grant program takes an offender’s negative impact on an individual or community and turns it into a positive safety solution for the entire community to enjoy.”
District Attorney George Gascón established the Neighborhood Court program in 2012, as a community-based approach to improve our communities through restorative justice methods. Rather than clogging the court system, low level offenders go to one of ten neighborhood court venues throughout San Francisco. 
The SFDA Neighborhood Justice Grant grant has allowed the FWCBD to make PARK SMART! materials available to businesses who can help us share the message with our visitors and residents.  “The proliferation of this message across the district in multiple formats is the best way to reach our visitors who turn over on a daily basis” said FWCBD Executive Director Troy Campbell.  “At Fisherman’s Wharf everybody works shard to ensure our visitors have a great time and this message can help ensure the memories they make here are good ones.”
Please contact Executive Director Troy Campbell at for more details or visit the PARK SMART! page at to learn more.