Parking Control/Additonal Police Officers Feb 13-15 2016

When ranking the top ten days of traffic to Fisherman’s Wharf for the 14/15 fiscal year, the February 13-15 weekend dominated. Saturday, February 14 was the busiest day of 2015 with counters tracking a total of 118,663 people. Sunday, February 15 counted 108,549 people. 

To help with the added crowds that the FWCBD anticipates for February 13-15 2016, the FWCBD has requested 4 Parking Control Officers for Saturday, Sunday and Monday.  They will work from 11-6pm and two will be at Jefferson & Powell and two at Jefferson and Taylor. We are also requesting  two 10b police officers to assist Feb 13, Saturday 6-10pm, Feb 14, Sunday 6-10pm and Feb 15, Monday 4-8pm.