FISHnet is a radio contact system that was established to facilitate emergency communication among the many hotels, restaurants, and shopping centers that make up the Fisherman’s Wharf area.

In the event of an area-wide emergency, FISHnet will play a critical role in strategic communication between different organizations throughout the Wharf.  


when is fishnet activated?

The network will be activated when:

  • An “Urgent Alert” message is sent through the neighborhood Townsquared system announcing activation. All FISHnet members are required to sign up for this service which comes in both the form of an e-mail and a text message.

  • If the San Francisco DEM activates the Outdoor Warning System (Siren).

  • In the event of any major disaster regardless if the above has happened.


FISHNET testing

Every Tuesday at 12:00pm, the San Francisco Department of Emergency Management sounds a siren to test their Outdoor Warning System. FISHnet participants use this signal as an opportunity to conduct a weekly radio roll call, in which all locations check in to confirm that their radios are in working condition and that they are receiving incoming transmissions.  


Fishnet Radio participants:

  • PIER 39

  • The Sheraton Hotel

  • Blue & Gold Fleet

  • Hotel Zephyr

  • The Argonaut Hotel

  • The American Academy of Ophthalmology

  • Anchorage Square

  • Ghirardelli Square

  • Hotel Zoe

  • The Wharf Inn

  • Red & White Fleet

  • Scoma's Restaurant

  • the S.S. Jeremiah O'Brien

  • S.F Maritime National Historic Park

  • The Port of San Francisco

  • Williams Sonoma

If your organization is interested in purchasing a radio or currently has access to one and would like to join FISHnet, please contact Services Manager, Mike Castro, to learn more.