About The FWCBD

The Fisherman’s Wharf Community Benefit District was founded in November of 2005 by the business and property owners of the San Francisco neighborhood. The district is funded through an annual assessment for 15 years from the property owners.  The association is also a 501(c)(3), which allows the organization to apply for federal, state and locally funded grants, as well as to seek out sponsorships from companies with a philanthropic division.  

In December of 2006, the Fisherman's Wharf CBD formed the port-side business based Community Benefit District . The Community Benefit District has also served as a catalyst for unification of Fisherman's Wharf constituents to support a positive change to their San Francisco neighborhood.  

The FWCBD has a 25 member board of directors who set the strategic plans and goals for the organziation who meet monthly on the 4th Tuesday.

FWCBD Mission

To preserve and enhance its vast San Francisco waterfront landscape and multi-cultural heritage, while integrating modern efficiencies to enrich the experience of visitors from both near and far through:

  • Market Research
  • Brand and Destination Marketing
  • Sidewalk Operations, Beautification and Order
  • Traffic and Urban Planning
  • Emergency Preparedness



Troy Campbell
Executive Director


Laura Schaefer
Program Manager

Rachel Brown
Marketing & Communications


Mike Castro
Operations manager



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Cameron Carr-Johnson
Cleaning Ambassador

Gabby Jones
Cleaning Ambassador

The following Board of Directors represent Wharf businesses from both the Land and Port-side Community Benefit Districts for the 2016-2017 fiscal year.  Click here for agendas and minutes.  


Jeff Sears, Blazing Saddles

Aline Estournes, North Point Shopping Center
(Vice President)

Sina Von Reitzenstein, Pier 39

Brandy Marts, The Franciscan Restaurant

John Cannizzaro, Jefferson Building, Inc. 
(Immediate Past President)

Rodney Fong, The Wax Museum

Al Casciato, Bovis Foods/The Gold Dust Lounge



David Berbey, Portco, Inc.
Gary Burns, Tarantino's Restaurant
Molly Castles, Ghirardelli Square
Hagen Choi, Tower Tours
Tom Creedon, Scoma's Restaurant
Gina Alioto-Biagi, F & A Alioto Properties Nunzio Corporation
Michael Cunningham, Holiday Inn Express
Jacqueline Douglas, Wacky Jacky Sport Fishing
Tom Escher, Red and White Fleet
Michael Hirsch, The Sheraton Hotel Fisherman's Wharf
Brian Huber, MapWest
Paul Miller, Boudin
Kathy Paver, Pier 39
Rebecca Rottman Delgado, Academy of Art University
Frank Rescino, The Lovely Martha Sport Fishing
Tony Smith, Anchorage Square
Jason Williams, Hotel Zephyr


Lynn Cullivan, San Francisco Maritime National Historic Park
Jay Edwards, Port of San Francisco